2006 - SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION. I had the great pleasure of participating in the master's certificate program in Science Illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz, which has since moved to CSUMB (http://scienceillustration.org/). There I met a group of wonderful instructors and artists, many of whom have gone on to do amazing things, and there I created my first paintings.

2007 - FREELANCE EDITING And ILLUstration. Since graduating from the program, I have been freelancing as an art development and development editor for science textbooks. I have worked with authors, artists, and compositors to reinvigorate art programs for numerous titles, ​and have handled the project management of many books from inception to final text.

Today, I am building a collection of my own botanical and wildlife paintings, exploring the vibrancy and interplay of color and how beautiful plants, animals, people, and places are in both their simplicity and complexity. ​I am experimenting with different mediums and techniques to find what works best for the way I see and overlay color. I strive to infuse all the things I have learned into my artwork. I hope you enjoy this creative process and will help support and encourage me in this endeavor.
I have always loved art. Growing up, I mostly drew cartoon cats, portraits ​of my favorite people, and abstract designs. My father was an artist, but because he knew how hard it would be to succeed in art as a career, he encouraged me to go into a practical profession, one that would feed, clothe, and shelter me properly. Yet, every turn in the road of life has led me back to what gave me so much joy as a childcreating original artwork, illustrations, and designs. 

1996 - MY LOVE OF NATURe. I graduated with a B.S. in Biology from Oklahoma Christian University. ​In class, I gained a fascination with how things work, especially plants, animals, and the human body.

2000 - A CAREER IN PUBLIsHING. I later transitioned into ​a career developing science textbooks. As I worked on biology, botany, human physiology, genetics, nutrition, and other science books, I realized how valuable art is in teaching concepts. Art and science are linked, so I went back to school to connect my love of art and my fascination with nature. 

My story

Suzannah Alexander

Art and Illustration

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